1.5 years~

Finally it’s been 1.5 years I’ve stayed here. Which means 6 months left for graduate *wish*. So many things i’ve passed during this 1.5 years the good, the bad, the sadness, the happiness, the fulfilled and unfulfilled, up and down, the unexpected things and so many things~

I came here on Valentine’s day 2008. So happy~ finally i stepped on my feet in 4 seasons country *which is my dream for so long*. Many new things that i experienced, include the “bad” (one time is enough xixi). I spent most of the time to read papers in my first months, the daily things are not far from papers, coffee while on weekend i tried to go to some new places. On my 3rd months, i started to realize that drinking is part of the culture in here, and somehow I was still scary with my lab : (. During my first semester, I faced difficulties especially in algebra class, but thnx G i could pass it in 5th month.

Time flies~ In here, there are so many special days whether it’s related with the culture (like the BokNal, ChuSok etc) or the celebration days (like white day, pepero day even black day xixi), and usually i enjoyed it and tried to participate on it (like eating samgyetang on BokNal, or JajangMyeon on Black day or others hahaha). But after 9 months here, i still faced some difficulties with my research : ( *no idea*

And finally after 1 year here, I got injection hahaa. And made my regular visit to hospital for 2 weeks (if i’m not mistaken : P) because of backache. *once again, it was not as serious as it sounds ^^* Well somehow it was a good experience and reminded me to love my body more.

And here I am now. 1.5 years spent my time in Seoul.

So far my study is fine, next semester gonna be my last semester. And after that? Hmmm no idea. All i can do is do my best for it. I’ve registered for the language test for next month, how’s the result will be? I have no idea bout that *gotta prepare harder for it*.
My korean language skill?? Hmmm all that i can say is it’s improving compared with before (of course it’s supposed to be!), but it’s still not enough i guess. Cos i just accompanied my friend to the bank today and *blank* kkkkk. I couldn’t understand what the staff said totally, just got some of it.. Too bad i couldn’t help my friend a lot on it : ( *wish i could do better*. So far i’m still attending the korean class in Y*M (10 times in a month), but i know it’s not enough if i want to be better. The key is i should practice more *but why it’s so hard to speak : ( *

The research? Hmmm at least there’s improvement, i have a topic and wish i could use it for my thesis. So far i’m still coding on it. I thank a lot to my senior cos he helped me so much in it.

The travelling? xixixi should i say that i’m a tourist part time as a student? No laaaaa…. most of the time i walked around during weekend or holiday only loooo (since i have class during weekdays hahaha : P, wondering if i don’t : P)
Well, couldn’t say much bout it : P I do really enjoy the tourism spots here, so many places can be explored here, many things to be seen. I should praise my digicam and my tripod in this case ^_^.

One more, finally i joined the church choir ^___^ , it’s been for couple of months, but always forgot to write it down : P. And couple of weeks a go when the conductor gave the score, it was
“29. He watching over Israel from Elijah Oratorio” huaaa…so glad to see that score ^_^ It recalled me with the first concert on 2004, then the concert on 2007 (the hectic and the bless that i felt after the concert) . *gosh I miss those days~*
and here I am going to sing the song from Elijah again ^_^ *happy* Thnx G~

So, it’s been 1.5 years, not many times left for study. And still i should think bout the plan after graduate. *moreover most of friends started to ask bout it too~* I do thnx my parents for not pushing me to do something after my graduate, they give me a chance to choose my plan.

In this point, 1.5 years, i’ll keep trying my best to give the best that i could, not to be the best but to be the better me. And keep trusting Him in everything, cos He’s the One that will make everything perfect in a perfect time.

God bless~


10 thoughts on “1.5 years~

  1. wah, kayaknya bakal tinggal di korea tuh..
    uda ketemu di S*********t… hihihihi ;))
    Selamat Tha, uda sampai tahap demi tahap.. hehehe…
    Fighting!!! *lupa hangul keyboardnya 😀

  2. blink your eyes and 2 years will be up ^^
    enjoy everyday like its your last day and you’ll have no regret.
    too bad i have to pack and go home soon. no more maple and snow ㅠㅠ
    but i’ve no regret ^__^

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