Just a thought~

Just a thought of me~

There’s a quote that says :

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Mahatma Gandhi-

2 weeks ago after the question bout “a last day” popped in my mind, somehow I found and heard things that related with it and made me think about it more.

Last week, one of my friend lost one of her best friend due to car accident. He’s still young, but no one can knows what might happen. This news taught me to realize that age is not a guarantee that someone can live longer than others.When she told me this news, we shared some thoughts about “the last day”. No one can predict what will be happen in the next minute, hour, day…
She reminded me to say “i love you” to people that i love or care.

Couple of days after that, the “daily bread” title was “This is It!” which talked about the second coming, or could be said as end of the day (which also I believed as the beginning of the new life).

It made me asked my self back with the what if question…
What if u know that not many times left for you, will there be any regret? Will you be happy with your life? Are you ready?

I texted home to ask whether they’re fine or not. Cos this thought made me worry bout them. Thnx G they were fine. And they called me (cos i asked hihhi). Hmm may be besides this thought, the sleeping problem also made me worry about something that i don’t know too. So usually in this condition, to pray n hear mom n dad’s voice are the best solution.
I discussed with them bout my sleeping problem and at nite I texted them to say have a tight sleep and to say that I love them ^_^. And i felt more relax after that. Thnx G that nite i could sleep without my player ^_^.

What i want to remind my self again is that I never know when will it be, nor others. Only God know the time for each person. This thought helped me to think back how I’ve been blessed and how grateful I am to be surrounded with family and friends. But sometimes I used to forget that, because I’m to enjoy with my life.

The quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow” helps me to appreciate  more what I have now and motivate me to give the best that I could in everything, because there might be no second chance. So I could live my life without regret and in the end I could say “I have fought a good fight, i have finished my course, i have kept the faith“.

*somehow it brings me back to the quotes that i wrote to my self last year when should left my previous workplace to continue my study here*

It’s not what I’ve done, but it’s what i haven’t done that will be counted
It’s not how i started it, but how i will end it that will be remembered the most
It’s not the first impression, but the last impression that will be remain in others memory..

No idea how this thought stayed in my mind for weeks, so just pour it out~
Just wondering, is there anybody ever popped up with this kind of thought?


4 thoughts on “Just a thought~

  1. Terharu diriku membaca ini Tha.. hiks..hiks…
    Kupikir sebagian besar orang pernah berpikir tentang hal ini.
    Hanya responnya pasti berbeda sesuai dengan prinsipnya masing2.
    Puji Tuhan, kita memiliki dasar yang teguh dalam janji Tuhan karena itu setiap hari memang menjadi anugerah yang dijalankan dengan sungguh2.

    Makasi buat sharingnya…
    Tetap berjuang, supaya benar apa yang kita harapkan berjuang sampai akhir, menyelesaikan pertandingan dengan baik dan menjaga iman.

    Tuhan memberkati.
    *Qoutes yang bagus (punyamu) :bd

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