Saturday with friends

Finally after couple of month, last saturday I met my friend, K Tracie. Though this meeting is a farewel meeting : ( cos she will be back to (Indonesia / oz / sing? dunno hahha). But anyway, we had a good time ^_^

At first we met in my previous church. She lead the English class while me and some friends were her assistants. I learned a lot for her, the way she dealt with pressure, the way she built relationship with people also I learned to see things in another point of view from her.

So, we started the day at 10Am, we were planning to visit the Hanok Village near Namsan, but we saw the “under construction” announcement, so we skipped that place. Unfortunately that was the wedding hall that being renovated *my fault hihi, sorry*. So we went up to Namsan *my fav* by bus, took some pictures (well most of the time I became a sudden model for her haha) and went down through the stairs *hosh hosh exercise in that hot sunny day ^^ *

We stopped by in MyeongDong for nyummy lunch (only 5,000 won^^ -don’t convert to Rp!-).


Cold Noodle


Plus Meat

After lunch, we walked around to find a place to go. Since she said she likes grafitti, so i asked my friend a place that has grafitti in here and it brought us to HongDae.

After Stopped by in Bucks for waiting some friends to come, we went to the grafitti place. Well, not many things there, so we moved to the Hongik park since another friend will come.

The plan was continued with the NoraeBang (a.k.a Karaoke) ^_^, Julie brought us to a nice NoraeBang in HongDae and we had a great time~



The day was ended with all-you-can-eat SamGyeopSal and friends (which are meat! haha) in Sinchon. *totally full!*

See you again kak~
Good luck with your plans
and God Bless~ *cipika cipiki hihi*


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