Preparing my self for the 2 big things that wait me next month.

I know I’ve been blessed a lot this month, got a thing that beyond my expectation, but I keep remind my self not to put too much hope on something, cos the more I hope the more it hurts when it fails.
But I also learned if I’ve tried my best for that, when it fails there won’t be any regret, it’s gonna be a new point for me to train my self to deal with the fall.

The first one  relates with my study, the result will be known in the first week of Sept. I do really wish I could pass it well, when my friend asked me, what if it’s fail. So far I have no answer for that~~ I did my best also with the help of my friends.
Just if, just if it is fail~ God, please teach me to deal with that and not to lose my spirit on it. I’m sure there’s gonna be another way. But I do really wish there will be a good result for that. I wish I could do at least this one thing for my study.

The second one relates with my study also, but informal one. Gonna take the language test on the second week of Sept. Unfortunately, the preparation is still not good~ I wish I could manage my time better for the weeks ahead to prepare for this.

I’m quite worry bout these two things. The good point about worry is it means I still realize that I’m not good enough for that, and I encourage me to do harder. Especially last weeks I was so lazy : (.
So gotta study harder. *ganbarimasu~~~*

아짜 아짜 화이팅~~~~


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