The funeral that I saw…

City hall plaza

City hall plaza

Last Sunday I was somewhere around City Hall and just realized that there was a ceremony for the late former president.

Last Sunday was quite hot sunny day and I was surprised with the people who were willing to give their time to pay respect to the late former president. It was not just for 1 or 2 hours, even at night people still come to give their respect.

090823 - The Ceremony in Seoul Plaza

Thousands people came to give their respect. Some people made a queue to pay respect to the late former president by bowing 2 times in a given place. Some people came and took a sit in the grass, listen for the speech. Funeral songs played during the day.
*somehow it reminded me with opening songs in Evita (movie)*

Not only people, but also polices were here and there, tried to block the way and the crowd.

Usually I just see this kind of ceremony from tv or see the picture from newspaper, so lucky to be able to see this ceremony and take some pics of it.

Thnx G for the chance…


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