End of Aug 09

Gotta say goodbye to Aug 09.

Some good friends went back to their hometown for good *hix gonna miss them*. So last week was filled with farewell here and there.
On weekend i ended up in lab (hohoho tata has changed huh : p – only for a while looo kkkk -) did some never-ending lab things

End of aug means end of summer ^__^ can i say bye to humid and above 30C weather??

This morning I was welcomed with bread and nyummy Bee Ceng Hiang (haha thnx to my friend) and nice weather. But gotta be careful with this weather change, wish i wont get sick hoho.

weather 090831

Have a good day and get ready to welcome September and autumn ^__^

Autumn in my mind is …
Chilly weather
Leaves are changing its color then falling to the ground
Starring outside from a cafe, accompanied by a glass of hot coffee
and jazz music…

*dave koz and kenny G music turned on ^^*

(haiya…suddenly one word splash on my head…THESIS!!! It ruins out all the autumn imagination hahaha. Wake up!!! Thesis is waiting!! Time to go back to coding~ kkkk
hwaiting!!! ganbarimasu!!!)


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