Close the Aug with…

Current time : 1:51AM ++
It’s 21.7C outside, lil bit warmer inside the room and HOT inside my head kkk

Still have to deal with new toys before starting the new day, cos dont wanna start the day with unfinished thing.

Well today yesterday was quite busy : ( one task was finished, some still not finished, came the new one. But i keep enjoying it, since everything is a new thing for me. If i tried to look back, since i came here, lot of new things I got since i joined in this lab.

First time i came here, i was welcomed with installing OS, with undetected HD : ( then later i realized it was because of too big capacity HD (around >100GB). Never splashed on my mind i gotta deal with >100GB HD. So the solution was partition.
Then when I started to code, started to feel that my comp was quite slow and started to out of space. Then memory and HD was added…now it became 3GB and 500+250 GB..wakaka never imagine that I should deal with that.
At first I ever installed korean version of XP, that time i was thinking may be i will have some spare time to see how does it look like. Unfortunately, because of this and that, somehow now i should install the Korean version of Vis*a *hix hix*. 1st it’s korean, 2nd it’s Vi*Ta something that i don’t familiar with. OMG~ but lucky it succeed.

Another new thing, I got Infra red touch screen panel for my research *cool~*

new toy

new toy

And now…after spending some hours preparing for the installation, took a break with class (tough late for 1 hour so gotta run for the class hosh hosh, since it’s next month i’ll skip the language class, so i should come to this last class)
Then had midnite bday party for my friend with nyummy cheese cake (again gotta run, cos went to lab before, and gotta arrive in dorm before 12 for sure, but that cheese cake helped to recharge ^^), and here I am now in the room just formatted HD and now waiting another comp installing new OS for the new toy. *waiting*

Cool~ i like this toy šŸ™‚
as u can see, external CD ROM, separated keyboard and the tablet PC ^^ I wish it could be useful for my research…

Finally installing is over now… (after 1 hour), time to update the driver then go sleep~~

September 09 is coming ^_____^

Have a good month ahead~

God Bless~


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