Happy 30th anniversary…

Dear dad n mom…

Happy Wedding Anniversary ^__^
(* ^)(*^_^*)  – kiss dad-
(*^_^*)(^ *)  – kiss mom-
(* ^)(*^_^*)(^ *)  – mom n dad kiss me back –

This is one of the reason why I love September ^_^

Today is the wedding anniversary for my mom n dad. I used to forget what year did they get married exactly, so i didn’t know how many years it’s been. Today on the phone (as usual after i texted them, then they called me hihi) I asked again, how many years it’s been and now gotta note it here, so i wont forget it again.

As I posted last year’s greeting, both of them are different, but it’s a perfect combination : ) . And related with today’s “bread” is about Pass it On, I think they’ve did it well to my bro and me.

Wish you both healthiness, happiness and blessing from God…
Thank you for trusting me, cos i know not many parents allow their *cute* daughter to be away far from them.
Thank you for always giving me freedom to choose for my next step
Thank you for always giving me advice and supporting me in every step that I choose

Love both of you always~~~

Mom and Dad

For Mom and Dad

Love to see their smile : )

Just realized that I couldn’t find pic of them (only both of them) easily in my picture collection. Gotta take more pic of them~


10 thoughts on “Happy 30th anniversary…

  1. Happy anniversaryyy buat papa mama Tata..
    semoga senantiasa diberikan perlindungan, kesehatan dan kebahagiaan..
    Mama masih olahraga ekstreme ga Ta? ^^
    bikin episode bungee jumpin baru pas balek ke bali.. ^^

    • amin..thnx ci wil..
      huahuahua….ntar kalo mami bungee daku yang dag dig dug deee, udah 50++ boo….daku aja de yang bungee, gantiin jatah nyokap *maunyaaaaa haha*

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