Earlier than i thought

Today I just got an email, an email that I’ve waited for weeks~~ Though I know it’s supposed to come on this Saturday, but somehow I’m still waiting whether it might arrive earlier or not. Though i kept telling my self to be patient, but it’s not easy to do that…

This is one of the big thing that i should prepared cos it relates with my study and i put it as one of my resolution for this year.

I said to my self, I’ll try my best to prepare it during these weeks. Actually i planned to finish it end of last month, but somehow because of this and that, i still don’t finish it. So I said to my self, since the announcement gonna be on this Saturday. Just if, just if I don’t finish it before that, I do really have to accept if I fail.
Since it’s not easy to deal with failure, I don’t put too much expectation on my self for this thing (though i still wish i could do it well).

And somehow, this morning I saw my mailbox and i got the email that I’ve been waiting for. And it said I got it ^_______________^

Yipppiiii…. thnx God, thnx my adviser, thnx friends, thnx reviewers…

But, it wont be easy, cos many things still have to be done along with this thing. But let me be happy for a while ^_________^

Many things have to be prepared, revised and completed before the Sept 24th.
Thnx G cos i decided not to take the language class this month, so i can concentrate on this more.

Dear G,

Thnx for opening this chance for me, I know this road won’t be easy but I also know the road to better thing won’t be as easy as going back. Cos if i go back, i know the path the i took, but to walk ahead, i have no idea which path should i take, what will wait me there.

But I believe since U open this chance, U will lead me through it.
Teach me not to rely on my self.
Teach me to focus and
Teach me to always give my best.

Aza aza hwaiting~~~~~~~~~


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