Not sure, but keep do the best

Dunno why it’s not easy to get concentrate on code during these days, though I’ve tried, somehow it made me stuck in out of no where… Gotta more focus on it.

This week gonna be hard busy week. The code still not finish, then need some revise on this and that, also the exam that wait next Sunday (with still no good preparation at all, scary… but i’ll try my best~)

Busy week… i come~~~~~

Somehow, today’s bread really hit on me, the title is “Do Your Best And Leave The Rest“. But most of the time i keep asking my self, did i tried my best by doing this, isn’t it i could do better than it? It doesn’t look as complicated as it seen, but why i couldn’t solve it? Is it because i haven’t tried my best? or it’s something that out of my capacity? But it looks like not complicated, how can i solve it?
Huaa…watta recursive questions…..

Well, yesterday I spent some nite time at lab (I revised some codes with the help of coffee) and finally decided to sleep for a while in lab, while my friend revised her things too… at dawn we went back, and i continued my sleep for couple of hours then woke up for the church.
After church i was thinking to go back to lab, but somehow my body (esp my head) didn’t want to listen to me : ( so i ended with sleeping all day), woke up with hunger, then went our for dinner and had coffee *which i just realized i think it’s a wrong choice, coz it leads me to “maag” (Gastritis???) now hahaa*

Soooo…. here i am, decided to take a rest for a while, before back to code life again kkk
I said to my self, keep do the best doesn’t mean forgetting ur health too, so instead of pushing my self to go, and ended up with sleepiness and stuck at lab, I decided to take a rest. And wish i could wake up earlier, find new spirit to code and study. And can focus on the thing that I do more!

* aarrgghhh where’s the “diligent me” when i need it to fight with the giants now… *
Sangobion (checked), soon gonna be for antangin, and red-panadol (if still needed) kkkkk

화이팅~~~~ Keep do the best!

new week, new day,
same job, closer due date…
more things have to be done in a shorter time left….
need new strength!!! 화이팅!!!!
*bayaingin me pake iket kepala merah….kayak kartun ajah kkkk anyway ganbarimasu!!!*


6 thoughts on “Not sure, but keep do the best

  1. jaga kesehatan ta!!! enak yah disana masih gampang kalo mo dinner tinggal keluar makan…kalo disini g males masak ya udah ga makan wakakaka…abis jalan keluar buat makan effortnya lebih gede dari masak >.<

  2. since i can’t help you to code, let me tell you joke instead.

    what does ‘소원’ in ‘소원을 말해봐’ mean?

    no, it is not ‘desire’.

    it means ‘one cow’. ‘소’ is cow and ‘원’ is one.

    ok i know it is not funny. just wanna help you destress.

    힘내 ^^

    • ^_^ it makes me smile this morning
      cos i imagine that i’m talking with a cow kkkkk

      me : dear cow… “i want to eat u!! haha”
      cow : “moooooo…..”

      *looks like what’s on my mind is just eat huh kkk*

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