Another bless… On the list

PosterLast month I posted about whether I’m selected or not.. That’s about the blogging competition about places or everything that relate with Korea.

And by coincidence (or i don’t know how) my photoblog (instead of the main blog) that was listed there.

Today I just got msg from my friend (arrgh miss the day when she was here, come to seoul again jack ^^) and she said “u get the …. rite? cos i saw ur mail, did u check ur mail?
o ho, no idea, so i asked her how to know bout that… So i directly checked my mail, and yippi she’s right ^_^ (thnx to her for informing me~)

When I checked the mail, i got the notices kkkk
yippi I’m on the list ^_^ Dunno the detail (model or anything, I just know it will be Samsung) that I will get, but to be on the list already brighten up the day ^_^

Thnx God for the bless…

This is part of the mail that I got…



Again, thnx God for the bless and please remind me not to stop for giving my best in everything.
Not to be the best, but to be better me.


Thnx G~


10 thoughts on “Another bless… On the list

  1. wow, you almost got the netbook but the camera is still a good prize.
    with one more camera, you can take even more pretty pics ^^

    • ^_^ thank u…

      hmmm…may be camera is what i need more for now… but i still love my c*non kkk… but wish it’s gonna be a good friend for can*n

      *dear my lovely ca*on, don’t read this part…. D*LR….when will u be mine~~~ huahua*

      o ho i start to personify my stuffs…

    • haha seep…ntar para kamera saling poto de… * baru ngeh, kagak ada poto si canon neee….*
      tullll ngeblog emang seruuu, ngilangin sutrisno lewat tulis tulis bla bla, saling sharing juga eh dapet plus plus ^_^

    • amien… mumpung dapet berkat hihihi, jadi kebahagiaannya dibagi2 pit ^_^
      *padahal daku di indo paling ga perna kecipratan menang ini itu haha, what a bless~*

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