Love the number…today is Wednesday, Sept 09th 2009..   09.09.09 ^_^
Location : lab (going back soooooon)
Time : 1.46, outside 21.9C
Wish for now : wish the public bike that I hide in the basement wont be taken kkkk

Just some bla bla bla in this special day…

At least I took one step ahead in my code progress. Though it’s not 100%, i could say it’s getting better, at least I found better the algorithm and less error, with bit faster process.

Previously I’ve done some codes that relates with it. So it’s time to integrate it…
Thnx God I’ve done some different codes before… So it wont be as hard as if I should code from 0 (zero) now. Wish I could dig the prev codes faster.

Now I felt that with less time, as long as I can focus, it will be better. Focus is always be a problem to me huff…

Next Sunday I’ll take the exam, but the preparation still far from well prepared : ( *worry bout it*, but since I take it by my own will, without pressure from anybody, so it supposed to be not to much stressful. BUT I also wanna try my best on it. but preparation time is the problem. huff….

So far, to help me to focus, it’s in my 2nd priority. The 1st one is this code and paper, cos it relates with my study which lead to my graduation, while the exam has nothing to do with the graduation requirement. (but i still want it to be good too laaaaa aarrrgh distract again~~ think think…don’t be greedy ta, one by one!)

Just info…
On 26th of this month, it was planned for the firework festival *blink blink, my fav ^ ^* just like last year. BUT, due to the H*N* case, this show is still undecided whether it will be held or no, because it’s gonna be outdoor event where there will be lot of people gather in one place.

Last year, the news filled with the mela*ine case, this year H1*1… Wish everything gonna be better soon…

*still hope i can watch this show~*

Happy 090909 ^___^
Have a good day~


6 thoughts on “09.09.09

  1. 090909 – I have to ‘hide’ so I can focus on my job. Coz I have the same problem also. 😦
    You typed full character this time. hehehehehe…. 😉


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