For those indonesian, this word must be very familiar, rite??

KuKuRuYuk…. that’s we said for the sounds of the chicken in the morning that wakes people to start the day.
*but remember it’s different with kruyuk kruyuk kkkk, that’s the sound of my stomach now hahaha, hungry~*

So this yesterday morning I chatted with my friend and she asked whether I know 구구데이 [GuGu DeI] and of course i dont know bout that. So just wanna share what I got today yesterday.

구구데이 [read as GuGu Dei]
* or 九  is 9
* 데이 is (as it read Dei) a konglish for day
so far 구구데이 -> 9 9 Day, which means 9th month and 9th day of the year -> Sept 9th.
* additional info, 구구 [GuGu] is the way to represent chicken sound in here (i think like the kukuruyuk in indo).
So… Sept 9 the 구구데이 [GuGu Dei] is also called Chicken Day.

This what the dictionary says :

[명사]9월 9일을 이르는 말. 9월 9일을 숫자로 써서 읽으면 닭의 울음소리인 99(구구)가 된다는 데서 나온 말로, 농림부에서 닭고기의 소비를 촉진하기 위하여 정한 날이다.

(sorry no translation for this la..to sleepy kkk – and lazy huahua-)

So, since it’s chicken day it’s good to eat chicken to honor their day huh ^ ^

Free refill ^ ^

Free refill ^ ^

And somehow today yesterday I ended in KFC for dinner with friend hohooh and we really honored the chicken that already sacrificed their life to be eaten (“rakus” mode on). We ordered family pack haha, 5 pieces + 3 wings (actually it’s a small one) + 2 coke + 2 egg tart.

Crazy…but happy and full ^____^ and now it makes me sleepy *Zzzzzz* cos i don’t wanna take my 3rd cup of coffee for today.

The Chicken

The Menu

So thnx G for the nyummy chicken day…

*gotta walk back instead of taking bike now…*


7 thoughts on “KuKu[Ruyuk~~~]

  1. sound like there is a farm products calender out there.
    May 2 is ‘Cucumber Day’ cos’ 오이 😀
    reading this entry makes me really hungry.
    gonna have early lunch now ^^

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