Noodle + SunDuBu

Today’s dinner is (as it’s written) 순두부 국수 [read as SunDuBu GukSu]
순두부 (―豆腐) : uncurdled bean curd (or in indo we used to say “tofu”)
국수 : noodle

Taste? Nyummy~~~

From Here

As it’s seen on the pic, there are Dubu and noodle (for sure) completed with the red sauce (err actually after took a pic, i threw it some cos it’s too SPICY!!!) and the dried seaweed completed the taste *nyam nyam*
Price : 3500 (great!!!)

The 김마리 was also nyummy but it’s too spicy for me : ( *headache after ate it hix*, to trick for the next time : ask them to separate the sauce ^_^

Location : MyeongDong Noodle Restaurant (할머니 국수), MyeongDong

*another recommended Korean food ^_^*


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