The Chips

Last year

Last year stuff

Well previously most of the time i’ll buy some tubes of pringi to accompany me doing things in lab, and my tubes collection are much less than before ^_^ so is it a good sign???
Well, now instead of collecting I threw it xixi, so number of tubes doesn’t guarantee huh.. But I’m sure I ate less than last year xixixi

And today i just threw my last tubes in lab, which means no more pringi tube left (for now).

Unfortunately, my friend introduced me to new chips which is quite BIG. (let the pic explain it more)

Big Chips

Bear : "Yow~ whazzup~"

Isn’t it look big? or it’s just because of the bear?
Well look at the weight could answer it I guess kkk

At first I got it I was surprised because it was so big and I was thinking how to finish it all~ Then looked the expired date, and wondered will I able to finish it before that.

Well, thought is just thought…. I was going to share it with my friend, but somehow we couldn’t meet due to our schedule and my fault *arrgghh forgot to bring it tat day*, so I ended up with finishing it alone!
And guess…how long was it???

3 months??? 2 months??? 1 month?? 3 weeks?? 2 weeks?? 1 week? <1week?

No laaa…not that crazy until < 1 week.
err… err….

It took 2 weeks for me to finish it all by my own hahahhaa….

Well, I like it. The taste, the crunchy… just like it. I ate it with my meal or just snack in lab *kriuk kriuk kriuk nyam nyam*
Hmm when I tried to eat it, somehow I felt it taste like Chita*o…aaaa miss that snack, the shapes also similar, the wavy chips.

choice*sorry to pringi for a while, though u tried to get in, looks like the bear really loves the brown for now*

And somehow, couple of days ago I bought 2 packs of it accompanied with my friend huahuahua.
The price?? hmm pringi is around 2500 now, and this new friend is around 8500. So???

* blame it to pitshu who’s asking bout pringi hahaha, her comments made me want to introduce my new fav hahaha *


2 thoughts on “The Chips

  1. i feel like snacking now.
    but no, i must exercise self-control.
    i like wrinkle cut chips. they just taste better.
    the triangle relationship is so funny ㅎㅎ

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