Autumn is in the air~

The rain just stopped. It was raining since last night and i think the temperature starts to go down now.

09.09.12 (Sat) – 10:10AM – 17C outside
Nice weather
And i’m in my lovely room ^_^

Along with the autumn, so it’s time to add layer for my short sleeve t-shirt. But the temperature difference still big

090912As it said the temperator for tomorrow morning will go down until 14C BUT will go up till 27C in the afternoon (or evening).

Cool weather, lil bit raining, completed with nice song from Andrea Boceli and Sarah Brightman (their voice are so great), wind blows. Almost perfect~

Unfortunately, I was not in cafe with hot coffee looking out through the window, I was riding bike on my way to lab last nite kkkk. Right hand handled the bike, left hand hold the umbrella and plastic bag which already refilled with chips inside plus coffee ^_^
Just if I were in coffee shop in that kind of weather hahaha…. So I set my imagination on, while I was riding a bike kkk

Well, job still not finish yet. Moreover, unpredictable thing (not relate with lab things) popped up and due date is next week *haiyaa*

I think the octopus mode should be turned on for a while. And finally today I decided to focus on the tomorrow test first, cos if i pushed my self to code I’m not sure whether I can finish it or not. If can then it’s good, but if not it means 2 things wont be completed, cos i still haven’t prepared for the tomorrow’s test.
*haiya last nite i fell asleep while i was trying to try the listening test loo~~danger!!*

I might regret if i didn’t prepare well for the thing that I want. No matter the result will be, as long as I tried my best for the preparation, I wont be regret. (though of course i wish i could pass the test, but if not, then it’s fine. May be it’s just not my time to reach that level)

Huff to do list for next week quite tough…some things relate with study (paper, presentation for comprehensive exam) some things relate with find a job. Hohoho yeah…it’s my last semester now and I think i want to try to find a job for a while
*inspire a lot with ci wil’s post~~~ *

*Octopus mode on*

Priority + focus!!!
(+meal and coffee and snack of course ^__^ plus some time to take a break also important!)



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