Be Positive!

I know i supposed to be on my bed and have a dream in this time.. But still can’t~~  huff….

Today, 8.30AM gonna have a test but still not ready yet. I’ve tried to googling bout the test name, but couldn’t find it. Huff… they said it’s aptitude test, but i don’t have any experience taking it in english. And i really have no idea how’s the format of the test.

Yesterday, after had lunch with my friend and met another friend, i went to the test place to survey the location. And lucky i went there yesterday, cos it’s not as easy as i thought, i got lost ^_^ But thnx God finally i found the test place. 1 hour from dorm plus 20minutes walk from the subway station. So gotta spare 1.5 hours before test.

In there i saw the announcement board and i saw one name that i’m sure she must be indonesian ^^ so after arrived in dorm, I tried to search that name and tarraaa… she is one of indonesian student in korea. So i found her contact and asked her. Thnx God i could contact her, though it’s quite last minute, but she helped me to give some idea how the test will be.

Aptitude test example -> here

And unfortunately, after tried it, i felt more unconfidence for today’s test *hix*

I was planning to sleep earlier, like around 10PM, cos the test is gonna be quite early, but somehow, i stucked on the aptitude test example page, tried it and found out i’m not good enough in it *hix hix* and now turned to be stress *another hix hix*

Well, it’s just a matter of time, cos i knew this test last week, while i also had many things have to be prepared and done in lab. Next Monday gonna have comprehensive exam *hix hix*, but at least I’ve finished the slide for the presentation.
So gotta prioritize my study first! Have to graduate this smt!!

Huff huff…

Now here I am, worry bout the test, but couldn’t prepare more, cos i need to take a rest, calm my self down…

Anyway just like my friend advice me today, just be positive!!
At least I tried and will try my best, so wont be regret whatever the result will be ^_^

Wish me luck~~

Aza azaaaa….hwaiting!!!

*already prepare Ferrero + roti boy + coffee for tomorrow ^__^ *



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