1 steps~

(금) 09년 09월 25일, 오후 8.30, 20.6C

(nah lo mulai tulis2 sapu lidi de~~ hihi~~)

It’s one, but it’s steps.
Welcome to bronglish (broken-english) by me ^^

Today I made and got 1 step for 2 things, but i can’t be said 2 steps cos it’s different thing. One step for my study-research thing, one step for thing out study-research thing.

So it’s one steps hihi… 1 for 2, 2 but 1.. a molla confuse laa hahaha….

At first I only made 1 step and can take a breath for a while (though new task suddenly came, but at least one thing finished la). While taking a breath, got a thing that lead me to the next step.
Which means take a deep breath for a while….
Deeeeeeeeepp breath in….. breath out….

Now got a new energy to go to the next step ^_^
Thnx God for leading me this far.

I have no idea how will it be in the next step and how’s the result will be. All i can do just do my best for the preparations


ow one more thing…Have a nice weekend ^__^
Tomorrow I’ll do interesting thing, which listed on my resolution for this year *yippie, thnx G for the chance ^^*

주말 잘 보내삼~~~~

*aarrgghh why i can’t open bl*gsp*t from here now…hix hix…*


4 thoughts on “1 steps~

  1. arrrgh~ ><
    *좌절* ㅠㅠ
    you wrote vaguely about this volunteer work before and i still got it wrong.
    anyway, those songpyeons look nyummy ^^

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