Thank U

Sept 26th 09,

11pm from lovely room. 21C outside…

090926No wonder i felt so hot today in daytime. I just checked the weather and it said it was 28C *o ho~ no wonder*

But in this hot day, I felt happy ^_^ cos i could do something for others though it’s not big, but somehow glad to see other people happy. Thank you for showing the happiness in your face *though I can’t capture ur gratitude expression*.

Today I join the program from Yeoksam Global Village. When I saw the announcement on Aug 31st, I directly emailed the CP for registration and thnx G it’s still possible to join the program. Cos it’s been my wish to join this kind of actifity.

Thnx G for the chance….(pic in here)And tomorrow (sun) gonna be another new chance.Something that i never expected nor imagined ^^ Gonna be another first time for me. At first when i knew it, a bit worry cos the schedule still not announced, it just said that it will be on Sunday. After 2 weeks in a row I skipped the choir rehearsal, I was worry if it will make me skip it again : (.
First -> The languate test
Second -> The aptitude test

Just felt not complete if I didn’t come, since it’s been my wish too and I do enjoy it.

And somehow somewhere in one day, it was announced that it will be in the evening ^__^ So relief to hear that… So I’ll be able to do sunday things normally. Thnx G ^_^

090927Well the weather said it’s gonna be raining in the evening *huff*

But just wish for the best… Wish everything run well. I don’t hope too much on it, but i really want to feel the experience ^_^. So i could learn new thing…

Wish everything gonna be alrite~

Btw finally my canon got a new friend ^_^, welcome welcome~
n thnx to KTO… it’s cool~

*so many things queued to be written, but somehow this eyes said I should sleep ^^. Nite~~ *


6 thoughts on “Thank U

  1. Asiikk euy..
    kalo versimu namanya apa tha?
    Btw, waktu liat fotomu ama leadernya perasaan pernah liat. trus ingat dia pernah masuk acara TV di korea. temanku suruh donlotin dari Youtube. hehehe…

    • ituh program volunteer gitu ci, jadi dia tiap bulan adain volunteer program buat para foreigners gitu, jadi kita2 bisa lebih get into korean life gitu biasana… ^_^

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