Hello October 09~

Oct 4th 09 (sun)

9pm from lovely room, 17C outside.
Autumn is in the air~
The weather starts to get colder~ time to put on the jacket now~


First, Happy Chuseok ^_^  헤피 추석
항상 건강하고 행복하세용~~

This year Chuseok (korean thanksgiving) was on Oct 2-3, which only means 1 additional holiday (fri), not much different with last year’s chuseok holiday.

Last year I spent Chuseok in prev church’s member home and had my first SongPyeon. Thnx G, this year I could make the SongPyeon to be given to others. And for the meals, I had nyummy dinner with my friend’s home with some friends. Thumbs up to her mom for the nyummy meals. Well actually that’s the second round xixixi. The first round was in another friend home for celebrating her b-day. *weight++ and happy++ too xixi*

Well, lot of unplanned things happened last month which made me quite hectic, while some planned things couldn’t be done cos of this and that. But things that came were great things ^_^ and I did enjoy that *thnx G*

Started with the announcement on the first week which lead to the due date in the last week of Sept. Thnx G the revision was done…n gotta prepare for the presentation.

The weekdays spent with group meeting and “played” with coding *huff*

Continued with the Language test on the 2nd week. Well, still don’t know the result, but I do thanks my friend for accompanying me that day, n thnx for the choco ^^, it helped~
Just let’s see the result next month, well I don’t expect a lot on it, because I know i’m still not good enough for the intermed level, gotta study harder… But at least i’ve tried my best ^ ^

The weekdays spent with group meeting, code, read paper and start to prepare the revision. And first time tried to apply for the job in here hoho, unfortunately time is the problem, cos the due date for the application was right after the language test, so couldn’t spent lot of time for the preparation. *huff*

Another test was on the 3rd week, it was aptitude test *another thing that made me quite nervous*, moreover it was quite early morning and i had no idea how the test will be.

Finally I passed the comprehension exam ^__^ *thnx G*
Thesis progress++

Besides the comp.exam, on weekdays I spent with paper revision, thnx G it was sent right on the due date with fax problem *hosh hosh*. But I was glad cos this week closed with the great volunteer activity ^__^

Ow the Korean drum performance that performed in Chuseok Celebration in KIST was great! Wish I could learn that~ It was so cool~

4th week…Hmm got another new experience ^_^

That time I joined the quiz show with some friends from lab. Errr actually one friend registered us for this quiz (which is of course in Korean *glek*). Well but just make it fun ^_^, and as predicted I was out in the 1st round hahahhaa, but I got a good experience to see how people work behind the show. (pic in here)

On the next day, met my prev bos (hoho) with his wife ^^ *congrats for the wed* went to Banpo Bridge, watched the beautiful rainbow bridge and had dinner together. Too bad we didn’t much time, but I glad to see them and showed good place and good meals in here. After that I went to lotte hotel to meet relatives, then went back late~ *huff tired but glad to see them*

Last month was closed with the sudden job about surveying something for the project, but somehow I got new things from this job. Just wish there wont be any sudden have-to-be-finished-tomorrow thing loo~, but that’s work ^_^ and there’s always something new that can be learnt from any thing ^_^

Then went to see classic concert with friend, which *of coruse* sometime I overslept in the middle hihi, but it was great, since the last classic thing that I saw was bro’s recital. The only classical performance that I didn’t fall asleep ^__^. And the acoustic in Seoul Art Center is great, the orchestra’s sound was so clear.

After the intermission, we went out and enjoyed the water fountain outside. And it was beautiful.

And now here I am, it’s already October now. Sept already gone.

One important thing for this month is Interview! ^_^
Well, no idea how will it be, but as always I’ll do my best for this and trust the result to Him. N thnx for my bro for sending the certificate from indo hihi, wish I could get it tomorrow~ also to mom n dad for the support.

Second one is CODING! *ow come on~ have to be finished loo~ for the demo n thesis*

Next : thesis, visa? hmm still not sure bout it but let’s see it later.
And I’ll join the korean class again at nite. Not gonna be easy, but have to, cos i’ve skipped last month ^^

Octopus still alive in here, though got a cold after tiring holidays. But will be better cos lot of rest today. And all hands now focus on those 2 things ^_^
Ginseng, milk, vit C done fore today hahaha *huatchi~~~*

Have a good month, good week ahead…


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