Sunday – nine-ten-eleven ^_^ another good date
2009 – Oct – 11. 20:00 @ Lab

A week passed, time flies huh~
091011The weather is getting colder in here also the wind, finally i will go to 9 tomorrow. But I love this autumn, cos sometime the sky was perfectly blue ^_^

I miss chat with mom or dad again~ And hey did i write here that now i can webcam-ing with mom hihihi ^_^

090923 - ma webcam-r

At first she still didn’t know how to deal with it, but just a matter of minute then able to enjoy it ^_^ sent me kiss-bye and smile *happy*. And couple of days b4 tat sent me “tot morgen mijn lieve tata, daaagg” to close our conversation which made me had to goog-trans for tat and asked miss sanz hoho and I replied it with annyong kkkk. It’s been a month passed~ Miss them~

So last week, after being quite busy (n stress) with the interview I thing I got a cold, cos i felt not so good enough especially on Wed. Probably too tired on Tue, after interview, went to embassy for passport extension, it was tiring. But now everything is fine better ^_^

A…still remember bout the blog competition…Hohoho.. after being selected for the top 100, then I got the cool Samsung NV100HD (thnx VANK n KTO ^^) then last week got the email again, *yippeee*

AnnouncementThose places are place that I’ve never visited before, so it’s totally new for me (I did quick Goog about the places), it looks cool~
The rail bike, the temple, the school, the pond etc~ Sounds great ^_^


unfortunately the work is still not finished yet


nope nope…I don’t wanna miss this chance to. So that’s why now i’m in lab ^_^ and take a refreshing for a while with bloggin’. *too bad can’t blogwalking to blogspot-ers : ( *
I already got the permission from my prof for this trip *thnx a lot prof ^^*

Another new thing bout last week is.. clubbing experience xixiixi. So after the korean class at nite, went back to dorm for preparng thiz n tat then went to HongDae and met friends. Thnx to roomie for introducing it ^^.
Well…the music was ok but the place was not ok.. But at least I know how’s clubbing and one time may be enough. Gosh too many smokes : ( Dun like it~~ And not cheap looo~  Entrance (include 1 free drink, I took Ice tea kkk) 15,000 then moved to another music bar (free entrance) then bought water for 3000. Hohoho expensive experience kkk but it’s fine for the price of experience ^^ and knew some new friends~

And the weekend was closed with great thing ^_^ It was Messiah Rehearsal with the choir ^______^. Somehow I found the ad in expats forum and (of course) tried to contact the PIC and applied for it.
It’s been a year since I saw the Messiah poster and watched the new version of it (messiah in Ko*ean). And finally I found what I’ve been dreaming for~ *yippi* Thnx G for the chance. thnx  Ryan n for Brendan for coordinating this event. (it’s open for everyone~)

Though it means I have to go to rehearsal (which take 1 hour by subway n bus) every Sat evening, but that what is called commitment ^_^ more over i’ve been waiting for this.. *yippi*
If last year’s weekend was filled with the gung-tak-gung thing, now it’s time for choir ^^

And for sunday, here I am, after church I asked permission for skip the 2nd choir rehearsal cos gotta go to lab. And quite happy cos at least there are some progress *though still not finish yet*. Honestly I’m quite worry n afraid with this work, cos it has to be finished in a specific date. And feel like so many things have to be done, include the preparation for another big giant.
But I will keep to give my best~ I believe it’s just a matter of time (and brain xixixi)

Just like Oprah said :

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

아싸 아싸 화이팅!!!
Do the best!


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