Next moment…

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.


After 3days trip then 2 days lab trip (read : spending nite in lab doing things) now I’m sleepy *for sure!*. The weather is getting colder and sometime the wind is kidding..

3 days trip was not as tiring as the lab trip, but thnx G at least I’ve finished one step of my task. Time to integrate but somehow new task just came…

Today 2 important people asked me bout the result and as usual I answered that I still don’t know, cos there’s no news from there. And somehow somewhere, just got email with good news. It means I’ll go to the next step.
So does it mean that i should start the my diet?? or decrease the meat??? hahaha molla~~ jk~

Thnx G, thnx to my fam, thnx to friends for supporting me for that days.
Well I have no idea how’s the next step and how’s the last result will be, but i feel relief cos i passed that phase. I think it’s truly bless, cos i don’t think i’m able to pass it. Thnx for the bless~

time to go to korean class
(n may be having lab trip again?? dunno..quite tire n sleepy, but may be the class can wake me up ^^)



6 thoughts on “Next moment…

  1. somehow i feel you’re going to make it.
    positiveness is going to be your winning card.
    stay positive, be grateful and you will go very far ~~~ ^^

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