Fire on Friday night

Oct 16th 09.

It was after the trip and having dinner in JongGak, we decided to continue for the next round (for meals). Somehow I smell smoky things, I wondered who’s smoking around me? Slowly I realized that something burnt, but still have no idea about what is happening.

Fire on Fri night

Then started to see the smokes (top left) and I thought “wow the smoke (for the vehicles) today is so serious may be because of this traffic jam” but just realized when I saw the smoke is getting thicker and saw lot of fire fighter cars.

That was my second time to see big fire, but this one was much bigger and it’s the  first time to see so many fire fighter cars, broken windows and bad traffic like that. Jongak turned to be smoky jongak.

After we had our 2nd meals (around 1 hour), i passed by that area again, looked like the fire fighters were so quick to deal with it *great~~*. The smoke and the crowd was less than before.

I tried to wait for the news in koreantimes on the next day, but couldn’t find anything. So I still don’t know what the cause and the other things. Wish there wont be any victim from this thing.


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