Persimmon TreePersimmon (감 – Gam) tree.

First time for me to see a big tree with full of persimmons, or Indonesian says “Kesemak”. I don’t even remember whether I ever ate this this or not, so not sure about the taste.

But this tree is quite tempting..

Especially for today.

Unfortunately I am not tempted to eat it.

I’m tempted to kick it hahahahaha *crazy me is out*
Imaging kick it, then all the fruits falling down *yeah cruel thought*
Of course there must be some left for the bird la~~

Side effect of worrying bout thesis n paper (alibi~~)

Yeah today’s title has no relation at all with the fruit… kkk

포기하지 않으면 불가능 일이 없다. 할 수 있다~~
(of course with the help from Him)

아싸 아싸 화이팅!!!!!!
*kicking the tree and eating persimmon~~~kkkk~~*


4 thoughts on “Persimmon

  1. 그렇지.포기하지 않으면 가능할 일이 무한해.
    한껏 회이팅~ ^^

    p.s. don’t kick the tree, naughty. there are enough persimmons to bury you completely if they all fall at once ㅋㅋ

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