Thursday, Oct 22nd 2009

uncooked samgyeopsal




Everytime I eat this meal, i always get recharged ^_^. Especially in this condition.

This is my top favorite Korean food named 삼겹살 – SamGyeopSal.
삼 : sam, means 3
겹 : gyeop, means layer
살 : sal, means fat ( -_- )

Those who can eat pork, this meals is fully recommended by me ^_^.

So yesterday I tried new 삼겹살짐 (SamGyeopSal resto) with friend, 10 minutes from campus by bus. It is around 미아삼거리 (MiA SamGeoRi). That picture is called 싱싱 생삼겸살 (SingSing SaengSamGyeopSal, err dunno why there is SingSing there..) for 2 people.

The taste was good. After finishing the 삼겹살 then we ordered 갈비 (KalBi). Which I just realized when I paid the bill, we ordered KalBi for 3 portions, err yeah i didn’t realize till we paid for the bill kkk, not because of the price, but because of the amount hahaha.. No wonder I felt quite enough with the KalBi.

wine samgyeopsal

와인 삼겹살 (Wine Samgyeopsal)

Nope nope..we didn’t order it ^^. Eating 5 portions for 2 was more than enough.
But i think it’s gonna be my next menu if i visit this place again ^_^

The menu

The menu

This restaurant has sooo many types of SamGyeopSal xixixi, which means probably I’ll come again to try other menus ^_^. Wait for me~

Thnx friends~


5 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. 싱싱:1. fresher..2. not iced.. it’s not freezed..
    sorry..I didn’t know exactly 3 per person..
    server told me set menu’s cheaper than pieces..
    it’s too much for us.
    but..we finished all..huk….
    thanks for your *****

    • waaa…. suasananya beda ci kalo di bawa ke sana…
      kudu di tengah2 orang sinih yang kalo makan sambil minum trus ngomong gede2 hauhua…
      trus trus… pake gunting n capit pas motong2 dagingnya hihi

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