Neon Boards

The brightness of N-Seoul Tower (here and here) looks so small compare with these neon boards.

Neon boardsThere…can u see the N-Seoul tower back there?

I think these neon boards are one of the uniqueness in MyeongDong. Somehow it looks like those neon boards are competing each other, try to be as big and bright as possible~

Here is the place that you can find (almost) everything that you need (except quitness^^).
Clothes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, nyummy meals , snacks, gifts, what else??
A even 부동산 (property agent) can be found in here.
*out of idea to name it more*

One of good meeting place in Seoul, or when u feel bore and want to find some crowd, here’s the correct place.

I think it’s one of the reason we (my friend and I) chose it as our language exchange meeting point. Meet then find some nyummy place for the dinner and talk this n that.

2 mins video of passing one of the (not-so-crowded) alley in MyeongDong.

Note :
(based on experience) If you want to user StarB*ck* as your meeting point, better name it in detail. Cos there are many sta*bucks in here looo~~. “I’m in bucks that’s placed in front of bla bla bla… “, better be like that ^_^.

Specially dedicated to Santy who might miss the crowd of life and shopping kkk.


10 thoughts on “Neon Boards

  1. duh kok zara-nya gede amat yah…*pusing…*
    ahh restonya itu lho ta…bikin ngiler…eh ada 1-2 orang cowo yang kayaknya lumayan cakep lho…tinggi putih gitu…aihhhh…
    tata ga sopan ah…minta digigit!!!

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