Ten-Ten in Ten

Ten Ten Kimbab

I just realized today that the name of this stall (포장마차)  is Ten-Ten Kimbab (텐텐 김밥). I used to call it mini kimbab’s stall instead of its name.

This stall is located in front of YBM – Jongno Branch. The place that I use to go every week for my language class. It’s a good place to stop by if I’m a bit rushing for the class.

This stall is operated by 2 kind ajummas / aunties. And they do work soooo fast!

Ten Ten Kimbab Owner

So, why is it called ten-ten Kimbab?
Cos it has 10 different tastes inside the (mini) kimbab. They also have BulGoGi, Spicy GoChu, Pork Cutlet, Anchovy, Squid, Tuna, KimChi, Fried GoChu and Odeng (fish taste).
And because i like ham, so my fav is ham (for sure ^^). And i think they can guess my order, since couple of weeks ago I ordered 6 (+1) pieces and it’s all ham ^_^

How bout the price?
I can say it’s cheap worthed.
3 pieces : 1000 won
6 pieces (+1bonus) : 2000 won
And sometime somehow (like I experienced), the ajumma gave one more bonus ^_^.

I was impressed with their idea for this stall, fast food, easy to eat and easy to serve. Just make it, put it then cut it into 2.

And why there’s “in Ten” in the title??

Because… I just realized it that they made it sooo fast… I tried to record it today and count it. 10 seconds for one! Great~

* another recommended thing when u’re in hurry for the class ^_^ *


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