Supper or…

Oct 30th, 2009

16C outside.
These days the temperature is going up again. Especially yesterday, it was hot. (include my head grrrrr). Anyway, today is predicted to be rainy and after today, the temperature will going down again.. What a roller coaster of weather ^^


Err… is that “-” mark for Nov 3rd??? Hohoho, welcome minus~

So, back to topic.

Supper is described as “the last meal of the day and lighter than dinner“. (thesaurus)

So, if now is 03:24AM and I just had my light meal (read 1 piece of KFC xixi) so is it counted as supper or early breakfast???

Dunno.. but here I am, in the due date for one paper.. khukhu…. But thnx G, I got some ideaas for this, though pouring it down in a “good” english might be another problem. Yeah to fill up this 2 pages is not as simple as I thought. Many things in my head, but when I have to start to write, then stuck…. get lost~

But still there are some hours left… so… after having this supper / early breakfast, take a break with updating this blog with daily things, then back to paper again.

Hmm looks like the level of work is equal with the level of food that goes in.. *kyaaa~*
The more the works, the more times spend to finish it, the more meal is needed to accompany me. Errr…. *dangerous~*
But it’s ok la, as long as it can be finished, then let’s thing about diet after that xixi…

Still many things that have to be done…
(could be translated as : many meals and snack or coffee that have to be prepared ^_^)



updated :

It’s answered…it’s supper ^ ^
Cos i’m going to sleeeeeep now….
*cos from another source, supper is the light meal before sleep xixi*

Good morning~~

*wake me up when my alarm rings~*


6 thoughts on “Supper or…

  1. 아이구, 우리 타타 고생 많다~
    날씨가 추워지니 건강 유의해야지.
    잘 쉬어, 일어난 후 계속 화이팅~~ ^^

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