Welcoming November

It was rainy yesterday and my friends said that it’s a farewell rain for autumn~ Means, welcome winter?? hoho season changes so fast huh~

Next week’s weather gonna be colder and windier

091101 - weatherOho..see that -4? Can’t wait to see snow, the only thing that I love from winter, next month^_^ Wish there will be snow~

Soo, get’s into the monthly thing..

Well, last post about went back late from lab, err actually that was because of my fault too 😦 *angry to me*. Cos I forgot my own schedule. I was planning to stay awake in lab, so I bought some mini kimbab, then KFC to accompany me and for the next day’s lunch. Isn’t a good plan?

BUT…. suddenly my friend reminded me that we’re going to have field trip on the next day! *ouch* I did forgot that!@!##@!# Means… the plan was ruined off because of me rrrrrr !@#!@

So after field trip on Thursday, I got recharged (read : eat samgyeopsal + coffee haha), then started the day after dinner till dawn. And it lead me to sleep earlier on Friday.

But the good point of that ruined plan, I could stay awake again on Sat ^_^ after had enough sleep on Fri.. Yeah it’s all about sleep n work now.. (and eat for sure ^_^)

So so…it’s November… the 11th month of this year.. Time flies~

This month, lot of giants await me.. and they are big : (. I must be lie if  I say I’m not afraid, or I don’t worry for this month.. I do worry and afraid, but still gotta give my best for it. Cos I know He will guide. *may I always have this spirit along this month*

Some to-do list for this month… (so i can check-mark on it next month… ^^ cant wait for that)
– Interview on this tue
– due date for thesis draft in this week ( ㅠㅠ)
– the have to be finished work
– visa and ticketing things
– accomodation and this and that….
– presentation for the paper
– thesis defense
– medical check-up (ouch…I don’t the fasting part : ( )

Gosh…I have no idea how can I pass this month. . .

May I could do it step-by-step. Though have no idea how to do it…
This hectic situation helps me to appreciate all simple things that I might saw it everyday.

For example…

A normal road that I pass from dorm – lab and lab – dorm… The road that I see everyday, but yesterday it looked great~
Though it was raining, but the rain made it complete…
I used to ignore the things which already being part of my routinity.

Soo..yesterday…under the rain, rode a bike, left hand on the bike, right hand held umbrella + camera. Tried hard so the umbrella wont be U shape cos of the wind hihi…

And here’s the result

Because the view was too good to be missed, so i took a turn back before going to lab ^ ^

Have a good month a head



6 thoughts on “Welcoming November

  1. also look out for your topik result which is coming out this coming wednesday and the first snow this winter.

    good luck for your interview and thesis. go octupus go!

    last but not least, i don’t know how you hold your camera whilst riding a bike and holding an umbrella, the videos are really great. ^^

    • thank u thank u~~~
      waaa…this wed?? let’s see how will it be ^_^…can’t wait for the snow~

      a the interview..err actually it’s a not-work related intview…
      haha forgot to write there…it’s radio interview kk
      but still have to prepare too ^^
      octopus is alive~~~~~~~~

      hahah that requires special skill and braveness huahuauha…

    • haik…arigatou …
      eh yang selasa bukan interview job yak hihii..
      tapi tetep perlu support hohoho…secara masih kurang berpengalaman..
      *kudu berguru ama c olla kali ya hihi *

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