As predicted, today’s temperature is going down! and will be a bit lower for tomorrow morning..

Most of people that I met today said one word : COLD… or 추워~~
Yeah it was -1 and now it’s 1, and the wind is doing a very good cooperation with  this weather. Brrrrr….

My friend told me, there’s one snack that used to be eaten in winter. It’s called 호떡 (HoTteok, not Hot Dog loo ^_^ )..
And somehow that words just splashed on my head.. 호떡 (HoTteok) then imaging i’m eating it now… Nyam nyam… with hot melted sugar inside… nyummy…..

Lucky I took this video couple of days a go, so I can enjoy it a bit through video hahaha~~

Arrgghh…wanna have nyummy HoTteok (but without cinnamon ^^)




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