Pass it ^_^

When autumn was still on the air, a day before the test I was worry bout the next day test. Even till at nite i was worrying about the writing part and lucky to have friend that gave me some tips n trick in writing part.

On the exam day, tried to calm my self, had lunch with friend in Italian resto near campus, prepared my self a bit then went to the exam place. On the station another friend was already there, to guide me to the exam place, cos I had no idea too where is it.

In front of the university gate, some aunties sold snacks, pens, everything that relate with exam preparation. Also there was a corner that sold book for the exam preparation.
Thnx to my friend for the guidance and the choco (which i believed) increase the concentration ^ ^

TOPIK banner

I registered for the Intermediate level (yeah a bit crazeee kkk) and i did wish i could pass the level 3.

Today my friend reminded me bout the announcement date and tadaaaa…

topik result

Hihihi happy happy ^_^

Thnx G i can pass lev 3 of this TOPIK test, and it’s enough…
The detail is :
Grammar – 57 ; Writing – 65 ; Listening – 78 ; Reading – 63

As predicted kkk i’m a bit better in listening. Drama, songs and movie helped a lot ^_^
And  i’m weak in grammar and reading… (even in english also laaa~)
But the writing is quite more than expectation… hihi happy  ^_^

If someone ask, why do i take this test?
Then i just can answer…cos i just want it hihihi…
I just feel like I’ve been here for a year, and i think it will be helpful if i can understand and communicate with the local language.
And it’s proven, I can read some discount events and use some benefit from it… *hihi see see..good for saving money looo~*

I don’t wanna be a burden for others too : (. It’s just happy if I can understand what other say to me and happier if I can reply them.
dunno probably other friends who live  in non-english speaking country might feel the same.

Happy to know I can pass it ^ ^ Though it’s just level 3 (from 6 level hohoho) but it’s enough (for now at least) , cos i didn’t take it for specific requirement.

Thnx G, thnx mom n dad for the never ending support….  (hoho another secret power of me ^ ^)
and friends for their support~


6 thoughts on “Pass it ^_^

  1. 잘 하시네용. *큰 박수*
    축하 드려용.
    이제부터 6급까지 따도록 더 노력하세용.
    할 수가 있죠? 😀

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