Cute Weather Forecast

Since I came here, I start to check on weather forecast everyday. Totally different with condition in Indonesia huh :).

But why should we check the weather forecast everyday (in here)?

Because, the weather here is quite unpredictable. I thought I can say goodbye to 20-something celcius, since it touched -4 couple of days ago. But somehow tomorrow is predicted to be 20 at noon.
So..checking weather forecast helps you to think about what you should bring and wear for the next day.

BUT, wait…

the weather forecast that I saw on newspaper was not only that. ^_^
Actually it’s in daily newspaper, so it’s daily thing (esp for local people) but it looks cute to me.

CuteWeatherForecast(ignore the date ^ ^)

So what makes it cute is the right part… Before I just think about what should I bring and wear for the next day, but in here, they put more~~

  • 나들이 (NaDeulI) : going out -> 80%
    Note : Going out is ok..
  • 빨래 (PalLae) : washing -> 70%
    Note : Thin cloth will get dry well.
  • 세차 (SeCha) : car washing -> 90%
    Note : make it  like a new one
    xixixi cute note…. n i think it’s an important thing for those who have a car~
  • 불쾌 (BulKwae) : humidity-> 70%
    Note : (err not sure what they said)
    This what i like from this forecast, though I don’t understand the word, but the picture quite help, doesn’t it?
  • 냉방 (NaengBang): Air Conditioning -> 40%
    Note : Wear a cool (or refreshing) cloth
    So since it’s not cold, wear a cloth that makes you feel fresh
  • 운동 (UnDong) : Sports -> 70%
    Note : do sports for  fun
  • 공해 (GongHae) : Pollution -> 80%
    Note : Bright atmosphere is needed.

End of weather forecast~

Wow~ Things that I like from this forecast is informative, cute, not only informing but also reminding the citizen (like the pollution thing).
And especially for foreigner like me, I can guess though I don’t understand the words ^_^

Some people believe the weather forecast, some don’t~
The rest is yours ^_^

Ps : Feel free to correct for the translation ^_^.

And tomorrow’s weather is predicted to be (a bit) warmer than today… 12C – 20C
(Welcome back late autumn~~)


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