Listen to the Radio

It’s late at night and I’m feeling sleepy down
So I listen to the radio~~~
(part of The Radio lyric from The Corrs -my fav-)

And yes it’s late at nite…2:22AM..fyuh…And it’s been the 2nd time I should stop to code, cos I smell something burnt… Last nite I saw the smoke from the device, luckily no smoke for today ^ ^

So so…let’s get back to the topic of radio…

As I wrote before, last week I had the interview in the radio. And it was great ^_^ Cos that was my first time to have radio interview in English~ And luckily it was taped interview : )

Thnx  KBS World Radio for the oppurtunity, thnx to Matt also
And thns to my friends for doing it together. I had fun ^_^It was part of the “Seoul Report” program which was hosted by Matt in KBS World Radio.  And today the taped interview was uploaded *yippie*.  ClickHere for the link (clickk the orange lil box there)
*ouch~~ ndutna sayah~*


Hohoho : ) great experience : )
It’s my 1st english interview ^ ^ last year’s interview was in indonesian ^ ^

After the tv thing, now it’s radio ^_^
And be ready for another new thing.


Have a g-day~


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