Today is November 11th 09.  (09.11.11)

In Melbourne there is a Shrine of Remembrance to honor those who died for the country during WorldWar and there is a hall inside which contains a carved stone written “Greater Love Hath No Man”. It said that every 11th day of the 11th month at 11am, a mirror reflects the sun’s light onto the stone to spotlight the word LOVE

[taken from RBC – ODB]

While in korea…Nov 11th also a special day that has a relation with LOVE~

Pepero 01
Taken in MyeongDong – Nov 10th

That is the common view in Seoul to welcome Nov 11th.

Well, there are a lot of couple days in here like Valentine Day, White day and one of it is today (Nov 11).
Today is Pepero Day (빼빼로 데이 – PePeRo DeI). And (for couple) it’s time to exchange Pepero each other~

I think this is the day that happens only in Korea, because I’ve never found something like this in Indonesia. And probably it has some relation with advertisement thing (just a thought ^ ^).

But why it’s called Pepero Day?


Because there’s a snack called PePeRo that looks like a stick. So when you hold this snack one on each hand, it will give you number 11 (eleven). I think that’s why Nov 11th (11.11) is chosen as PePeRo Day.

So happy PePeRo day~~ ^_^

PePeRo Day


8 thoughts on “11.11

  1. Hi, I am Jung min.
    I am a Korean high school student who also writes on blog to introduce Korea~
    Your blog is really nice! I liked the way you illustrate your point with the colorful pictures~ ^ ^ It’s really nice to see that you know pepero day!
    and the meaning of it! ^ _ ^
    I also liked all the other topics displayed on the blog! They were very interesting~
    Great blog!

    • Hi Jung min,
      Thnx for dropping by here~~ and glad to know that u like the blog 🙂
      Feel free to stop by or correcting if there’s any wrong thing bout my korean ^_^

  2. 아..ㅋㅋㅋ
    우리 마르타 블로그 아예 블로그 코리아에 소개되었나보당..
    그래서 유명해졌다고 그러는거구나..
    누군가가 마르타 유명해졌다고 하던데 ㅎㅎ
    유명인 됐당

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