Yup it’s the weather…. It’s getting cold again : (
Another weather report huff huff…

It reached -4 today and the wind was kidding me~ Gosh~ it was cold~~


Yihaaa~~ it’s going to reach -6 tomorrow morning.. I heard it was snowing in Cheonan (somewhere out of seoul, but still not so far). Can’t wait for the snow too~ But.. looks like there won’t be any snow during this week. (but who knows ^ ^, still wish for the snow in this mid of Nov haha).
Not only the temperature, but (strong) wind + (low) temperature + (low) humidity made their great cooperation now… Gotta be careful not to get sick, especially I heard that the H*N* virus is getting more serious in here (cos of low temperature and low humidity).
So, the point is…eat a lot be healthy!

*err…diet??? err…yeah i know i’m getting big nowadays, time to change the topic now~~~*

Well, life is still going on. Finally I submitted the thesis draft on last friday (yeah late for a weak), got beaten with this giant once, but lucky I won ^_^. Though the bigger giant still wait~
*octopus~~~ show ur handsssss~~~*

One whooshing sound had gone, but it still sounds noisy…cos lot of whooshing sounds wait out there..화이팅!!!

And I’m still waiting for the visa, it’s gonna be 2 weeks by tomorrow and I wish I can get some news from the embassy soon *pray pray*. JUST IF, if I don’t get it, then…. Well easy answer, then I can’t go kkkkk, but still.. wish for the best~~

I can’t say more how much I miss going around here and there again… The illumination in MyeongDong was started ^^, but that time i just pass it, cos in hurry for another thing. And the lantern festival is still waiting to be visited.. *wait for me~~*….
Wait till Dec~ Till the whooshing sounds are gone~~

Hmm let’s take a break for a while by watching this video ^^ *and see how chubby I am now hahaa and how I messed up with my Korean kkk *
Anyway, this video is taken by 현우 (HyunWoo), friend that I met on bloggers camp, on the bloggers meet-up  after the camp. It’s a great opportunity to be able to meet and know him, cos he is so talented especially in languages and I do learn a lot about blogging from him.

*hix…now i can’t open blogspot from lab and dorm…hello~~ what’s going on here~~*


8 thoughts on “Cold~~

  1. lots of comments from me….
    1. that korean guy (the video’s owner) is really fluent in english…great pronounciation…
    2. when the first girl started to speak (in korea) i only understand the part where she introduced herself…the rest is bla2 for me hahaha…i felt relieved when she talked in chinese ’cause i understand that part wakakaka…
    3. when i see u…yang langsung terlintas adalah…”waks…tataaaa….kok bulat???” asli pipinya itu lhoooo hahaha…tapi tetep cantik as always muach2 dear…
    4. when i heard you speaking korea i was like watching a korean artist in a movie…although i can’t understand korean but based on my experience watching lots of lots of korean movies i think you have a good pronounciation hahahha…
    5. your indian friend also quite good in pronounciating the words (eventhough he spoke only some words…)

    • wakaka
      1. he is… then u’ll be surprise to see him speaking in chinese, japanese, indonesian hmmm what else… I can’t name it~
      2. haha…then u’re going to be multi-language person too.. indo, english, chinese, dutch (welll count it a bit laaa)
      3. *ROFL* seee…i didn’t lie~~ wekekek… doh..padahal ya itu pipi doang loooo *alibi~* untung kalimat penutup u indah san hahahah…thnx dear~
      4. ouch… err… i’ll take that as a compliment *blushed cheek*
      5. yups he is….

      so the next question for you..
      when will u come here??????

  2. wah, mantaps tha!
    selamat menunggu untuk visa na..

    oh ya, benar tuh kemarin salju ne turun nang Cheonan. merasakan first snow lah. hehehe…
    Kok aku mulai ngerti kalian ngomong apa in Korea ya? hmm.. naik level? hahaha….

    Lantern festival ikutan yak.. hehehe…

  3. Tata akhirnya dipost juga videonya.. yg radio ga dipost? hihihihi..
    Ketakjuban ku sama kaya si SZ khan.. bhs inggris tuh anchor Koreaclass101 keren pisan.. Tata juga lancar bhs koreanya.. hihihihi..
    visa kelar 2 minggu lagi Ta? selama itu ya? punyaku Rabu besok dah kelar.. huehuehue

    • huehueue…kalo yang radio cuma kasi link doang hihi *malu*

      iyah…sayah cuma takjub sama dia, itu kemampuan bahasa dapet darimana ya kkkk
      Visa rebes ci wil ^___^ kecipratan hoki dari ci wil nee hehehe….

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