Handel’s Messiah [in Seoul]

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them
-Walt Disney-

So glad to post it ^_^.
Finally, after a year of waiting~~

Recall back last year’s thing, when I confused should I watch the Messiah Concert or not, then I finally watched it (in Korean version) with friends ^^. Well, that was quite surprising to hear Messiah in another language other than English or German~

It’s been since couple of months ago I joined this group, thnx so much for Ryan n Brendan for arranging this event. Sorry for always being late for the saturday’s rehearsal *my bad : ( *.

I think i can’t explain more how I love choir~ And here I proudly present…. Tadaaa~~~ *drum roll*

MessiahPicture is taken from Ryan’s Website

Yup, it’s Handel’s Messiah concert in Seoul. Dec 19th 09 ( a month left). And it’s gonna be in English (for sure).
Gosh I really can’t wait for this day ^_^.
If you have any interest on it, feel free to contact me or the contact listed on the picture for the ticket.

Thnx God for a chance to be back in a choir and sing Messiah again~~

*After the gung-ttak-gung-ttak performance last year, it’s time for choir ^_^ another dream-come-true thing for me ^_^*


3 thoughts on “Handel’s Messiah [in Seoul]

    • huahuaha… tata pringi n pedes?? hohoho udah berubah loooo da jarang ga perna pringian akhir2 ini
      trus tus…kok daku bisa makan pedes tah?

      err..pelatih…hmmm hehehe… pak tong masi lebih mantep ^_^ arrghh kangen jos~~

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