Here comes the bigger giant

Finally~~ I got the visa yesterday ^__^ so glad (but also worry)~

So…current condition
– visa (checked)
– flight  ticket (checked)
– business trip fee (still waiting) – err..i’m broke now kkk

Well, if visa and ticket are done, means the bigger giant is getting closer. I’ve never imagined that G will lead me this far~ Never imagine that i’ll hold a visa and flight ticket to go to Canada *gosh yes, it’s Canada*. But His plan is much more than I can imagine.

Another good thing is I’m not gonna go alone, my lab mate, who really helped me a lot in this paper, will go with me too. So it’s another good chance to practice my english and guess what, he has a US driving license which possible to be used in Canada.
So so… based on my friend’s suggestion (I just met her on the bus after the opera and she’s Canadian, what a bless~), it’s better to rent a car rather than using public transportation. Cos the public transportation in there is not as comfy as here (in Seoul). Agree with her,  I have to admit public transport in Seoul is so comfortable ^_^

So yesterday I discussed with my friend, probably we’re going to rent a car. This web (expedia) really helped. Wish we could fix the lodging by this Thursday (or at least Friday la~).

Another thing is…the giant ^_^ *hi giant….wait for me there~ kkk*

To face this big giant(read : presentation), I gotta face his soldiers first *huff huff…. *. And his soldiers are so tough and strong~~ Wish after I faced his soldiers, I can face this big giant smoothly. I know his soldiers are prepared for me, so I can face their boss with more preparation.
And to face the boss, I should prepare for the weather also, cos he stays in a freezing country out there…
Hmm but I can say that the chilly weather in these 2 days might be another preparation that G prepared for me.

So 5 days left…..

I should prepare for the giant well, also should take care of my health too (just got a bad headache last night ㅜㅜ, but now it’s fine ^__^).

Worry but excited, excited but worry…
These 2 feelings are mixed up now~

아싸 아싸 화이팅~~~~~~

Thnx G for the opportunity~
I need Ur help to face this giant, cos he is bigger than me, but I know U r much much bigger than him ^_^


8 thoughts on “Here comes the bigger giant

  1. Wow, congrats! so many good things come! Lets make this year full of success..
    5 days left? u mean u gonna leave in 5 days?
    Take caree Taa… I know ure tough female soldier, u can beat those giantsss.. hihihihi..

    • yeah…ganbatte~~~
      yup..that time was 5 days, n now is less than a day..
      hontouni arigatou ci wil~~ hug hug… ci wil juga… take care n g luck for the preparations..

      giant is waiting~~

  2. wah.. g juga musti presentasi hasil penelitian Ta.. tapi untung cuma di Kopertis hehehe..

    oya.. numpang informasi : San2 tadi pagi da melahirkan.. cesar, tapi sehat semua 🙂 hehehe.. anaknya cowo, 2.8 Kg :p

    sekian informasinya 😛

    • hoho good luck presentasina yak… mungkin kita presentasi di waktu yang sama hihi

      n tengkyuuu info c ao naa…semalem…ngimpi ketemu anak2 bluejack, cc trus ada c hen jugaa….

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