Welcome December~~

Hohoho..December 1st 2009
Means 31 days left for 2009.

Time flies~

Yup I’m back now… back to real life ^_^ After arrived on Friday nite, then got sick : (, so i just spent weekend in room. Sleeping…eating…sleeping…eating… *what a piggy life kkkk* But no worries, now is much better and thnx G there was no fever.

So so…a bigger giant had gone~~ *bye~~*
Thnx G for a wonderful chance to attend the conference and visit beautiful city ^_^

But the battle is not over yet. There’s one last giant which is still waiting and to face this giant I gotta face with lots of bugs… (arrgghh… need bugs killer for my coding xixixi)

And cant wait for the Messiah concert on Dec 19 ^_^

2 big things for this month :
– Defense
– Concert
And after that I can breaaaatthhh…..

Keep do the best n 화이팅~~~

*just another post to show that i’m still awake kkkkk*


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