a bit more~

Dec 02 2009, 1:10AM, 5C outside

A bit more…the due date is supposed to be this Friday.
I don’t know how will the result will be, but keep do the best.

Dear G,
Pls help me to face this giant
Help me to keep giving my best in this very short time…
and whatever the result will be,  please help me to accept it…

Now I’m officially registered in Panda and Camel club..
Due to the unfinished cold and sore throat, now use to drink > 2.5L a day *what a camel~~~*
and due to sleep late for preparing to face this giant, now I’m a good friend with cute panda ^_^ *high five with panda*
hope wont be registered in piggy club (soon) cos of increasing snack quantity and frequency kkkkk

타타 화이팅~~~~~

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.(Oprah)

아싸 화이팅~
Time to go back~~~


update :
the due date was extended into next week *errr…. :-s*


6 thoughts on “a bit more~

  1. 아놔놔~~~~~~~~~

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