Wiki said :

Konglish (Korean: 콩글리시) is the use of English words (or words derived from English words) in a Korean context. The words, having initially been taken from English language, are either actual English words in Korean context[1], or are made from a combination of Korean and English words

Hmm this news really makes me wanna talk about this ^^. It’s about a word, the same word but in different country, it might have different meaning.

So far I remember 2 words (i know there might be more words out there) : glamour (글래머) and  complex (콤플렉스). I’ve heard the word “glamour” from Korean friends here and for the word “complex” I read it from one of blog post couple of months ago, n now just remembered again with that word.

1. Glamour..

First time when I heard it, what appears on my mind is something wow, high-class appearance, high-class brand of clothes or accessories. Mostly is about appearance, beauty and fashion thing.

Dictionary says :
[endic.naver] Glamour is the quality of being more attractive, exciting, or interesting than ordinary people or things.
[thesaurus] sophisticated style

A bit different meaning in here. Just like the pic in the news, that explain the word ^^

When I entered the word 글래머 (GeulLaeMeo) in endic.naver it said :

글래머 a glamor girl;a glamorous-looking girl;a voluptuous-looking girl

Hmm pretty different huh~

2. Complex

First time, i realized it after reading one of blog post from my friend.

In my own thought, when I heard the word “complex” i interpret it as something that is complicated, hard to solve, confusing… Something like that.. Something that is applied to problem, situation, homework (, Korean language xxixi) kkkk. Smthg that makes me head-ache~

Second one, as a noun, is group of stores.

Dictionary says :

[endic.naver] Something that is complex has many different parts, and is therefore often difficult to understand.
[thesaurus] involved, intricate, difficult to understand


When I entered the word 콤플렉스 (KomPeulLekSeu) in endic.naver, it said :

(have, develop) a complex; inferiority complex

Soo… it’s pretty different again huh…

It’s just interesting to know these differences ^_^


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