[no idea for the title~Just another daily thing post~]

2 days ago I was a bit sad cos it was my first day of korean class again (after skip it for 1 month) and another thing that made me love JongNo was… The TenTen Kimbab.
it was gone, not only this booth, but also all the booths in front of the YBM were gone~~ ㅜㅜ

I was expecting to have  mini kimbabs before the class but… it was gone~

Clean~ no snack stall there…
What is JongNo Road without its snack stalls~~~ *hihihi bit complain in here ^_^*

Some friends said the snack stalls might be gone foreva~ *o no~~ my kimbab~~* but some said it’s just for temporary *yeah i wish too~*. And today I found out a new hope ^_^

Hmm may be the city government want to re-manage it or something… Still no idea about it, but I think they will install the new better cleaner booth for the snack seller and I wish I can eat the TenTen Kimbab soon~~
Nyummy, cheap and fast. Perfect for me who is always come ON time ^_^…
Order it, then finish it in less than 2 mins, or could be eaten in elevator too ^_^ During the class, I heard a siren (still can’t differ the sound of ambulance / fire fighter / police). And just a matter of time then the traffic jam came~~

This condition makes me love subway more~~

And the day was closed with buying coffee to accompany me preparing the slide ^_^

Just found out this coffee in SevenEleven convenient store in subway… Hmmm see the word indonesia there?? They said the coffee bean is from sumatra. Hohoho~

Last pic : Xmas tree in subway station ^_^

Love this xmas decoration ^_^

Have a g8 weekend~


3 thoughts on “09.12.05

    • dubrak… never knew there’s someone who will miss traffic jam kkkk …
      becareful with what’s ur wishing for san~~~ ^_^ wkekek…
      eh tapi move out mean study beres ya…kalo gitu cepet2 study rebes yak ^_^

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