Last nite i saw the weather forecast, it said that it’s gonna be snowing on around 9am. *happy*
Then the snow came in my dream hihi, opened up the back door of room and saw the thick snow on the ground *happy happy*

I set the alarm around 9, but woke up around 11, but still no snow : (

And now… 1.35PM Dec 5th 09… The snow is coming ^__^. It’s gonna be (very) windy day~~
But for me as long as it’s snowing, all the windy chilly things are forgiven *happy happy happy*
Yihaa, finally first snow is on Dec 5th , while last year it was Nov 20th.

Though looks like it wont be a thick one, but it’s ok ^__^

Time to get ready for the rehearsal~ 2 weeks left, thnx G my tickets are sold out huff huff.
(and 2 days left to see what will be my next step~)

Have a goooooood day ^____^


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