Do the Best

Dec 06th 2009

It’s -3C outside (n gonna be -6 to 5 for tomorrow)
I’m in my lovely warm room listening Xmas Songs + preparing slide for tomorrow.
*With coffee and snacks of course ^__^*

Another Xmas Tree that I saw yesterday (after rehearsal) in City Hall subway station

The call from home always brighten up the day ^___^ *thnx mom n dad~~I’ll give my best for u too ^_^*
Plus just got message from an old friend that cheered me up too *thnx nin~*

Somehow today I feel happy *thnx G*, started with (a bit late : ( ) choir rehearsal in church, then the service (errr sorry for being sleepy : ( ) and the rehearsal after service. And the songs that we rehearsed were… Messiah (again) hoho what a coincidence…
Yeah the church will perform Messiah on Dec 20th.

So there are gonna be 2 messiah performances for this year ^_^. Dec 19th and Dec 20th…
Gosh…It’s more that what i expected ^__^ moreover, now i’m in the choir *what a blessed*

Thnx G for making this happy day, it makes me a bit more calm to face tomorrow (well worry is still there of course). Now i’m still preparing the slide, trying my best for the presentation…

A bit worry with the result, cos that will determined my next step.
But I believe, whatever the result will, for G has lead me this far, then there must be something behind what the result will be. Whether it might be like what I expected or not.

As always, i’ll try to give my best, and trust Him for the rest.

Dear giant, please don’t be so strong for tomorrow kkkk
Yeah, after the postponement, tomorrow I’m gonna face the giant in the evening… I should say that I’m still not fully-armored for that, as I tried to re-read what I wrote, the more nervous I am *huff huff*
But still, i should read it and prepare it more, and learn to handle with this worry and nervousness.
But in the other side, I feel happy, cos got supports from home n  friends.

Dear G, pls help me to give my best and accept whatever the result will be.

Do the best~~~~
화이팅~~~ Jia you~~~ Ganbarimasu~~~ ^__^

Time for Pooh exercise for a while….
*up…down…up…down…and now…in the mood for snacking ^_^*


6 thoughts on “Do the Best

  1. ga ada poto suana natal dikorewa ?! karena cita2 pengen ngerasain natal di korewa kalo bisa pas salju lagi turun juga hahaha…
    eh postcard na udah diterima lho :), thanx yah! nyampe na sih selaa, cuma baru sempet ngambil hari ini hihihihi…

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