09.12.09. Another good date in a year 🙂
11.30PM and it’s 6C outside (but why feel colder in the room err err….)

Another BIG xmas tree in seoul ^_^ Taken on last freezing Saturday after the choir rehearsal near City Hall.

And finally the BIG giant had gone~ *thnx G, thnx my fam n friends for their support ^_^*

BUT, the war is not over yet….

Cos the big giant has so many lil soldiers that want to revenge now… They are little, but they are a lot (read : revision n debugging) And somehow they are attacking in group now… PLUS the got new companies from other kingdoms (read : new assignments). So now i’m under attack after beating the leader.. *huff huff*

See that lil cute xmas tree? Wish the lil giant is as cute as that tree kkkk .
Almost out of energy, but pooh exercise (read : snack-ing) helped kkk. I just had a Korean class as usual n somehow brain exercise with the language made me in the mood for KFC xixixi… So here I am just finished the KFC kkk

But at least I can breath more, though the space is still limited. Yeah due to many things were not well prepared while facing the leader, now kinda out of armor to face the soldiers. *want some recharge time, but looks like kinda hard to find tat*

Almost forgot, yesterday I got recharged quite a lot… Because… it was snowing ^____^ *how can i say i hate winter if it’s snowing* But too bad I didn’t bring my cam, cos I was on the way for lunch from lab. Just one word for the snowfall… BEAUTIFUL ^_^
When i realized it was snowing, I went out of the building and stood under it. It was light snow, but much more than the first snow last time. Quite surprised, cos even the weather forecast didn’t predict it.
While eating my lunch, I always looked out of the window~~watching the snow fall.
*what a childish thing huh, but i do love snow ^__^*

Came back to lab then turned on the song “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” (though the snow had gone kkkk). *another thing that can recharge me*.

And as usual the weather after snowfall will getting a bit warmer ^_^

Though it wont be too long, since i see -4 there~ *but it’s ok, if snow will come ^_^*

So once more, thnx G for giving me a chance to pass that.
And pls help me to face these lil soldiers that attack in a group ^_^

Have a good sleep~~~


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