Brrrrright day

Today’s weather forecastbrrrr…. and it is predicted to get colder again (see that 2 digits minus..ouch)… But lucky it’s sunny (well it’s gonna be better if it’s snowing of course ^_^). Before I came here, I used to see on the TV, people are walking here n there in sunny days and they wear jacket, masker and gloves. The thing that I never understand before.

But after I experienced it by myself, now I understand. Don’t trust the sunlight ^_^ cos it doesn’t guarantee that the weather will be warm! (but do trust the snow hihihihi)
And another new thing is, the thickness of your clothes doesn’t guarantee that it will be warm ^_^. I just bought a good sweater before I went to banff last month, and it was great. It’s pretty thin (compare with the jacket of course) but it’s very warm. (but i’m sorry to the lamb, cos it’s written that it’s made from lamb wool…sorry once more… : ( and thank you~)Another thing that might be help to face this freezing weather is….

Masker ^_^ especially when it’s windy.
It helps to protect my face (especially lips) and it’s  cute ^_^

I just had a pooh live chat (read :chat+web cam, the terms that was given by ms.Sz last nite) with mom n dad… and they said… those teeth… outside and inside are almost similar *wakaaka hmm hmm … *
Anyway, i like this masker ^_^ it’s bigger than my previous one and it’s cute (isn’t it???) and it can be flipped (in case I don’t wanna show those teeth kkk).

One question, is it more like rabbit or beaver?? *why I think it’s more like beaver than rabbit?, but the label said it’s rabbit masker…a dunno la…* -Thnx to roomie’s sis for the gift-

Have a brrrrright sunny day~~~ ^_^

PS :
It’s been almost 3 weeks I don’t get any
recharge… arrrggghhh miss being recharged
Especially in this cold weather, imagine…..grill  the pork… nyam nyam nyam…. warm inside n outside hihihi…


6 thoughts on “Brrrrright day

  1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 얇은옷 여러개 입는게 도움이 된다.
    무엇보다도 내복.~~
    그런데 한국의 미혼 여성들은 내복을 잘 안입는다..ㅠㅠ
    나만 입어요..그래서 친구들이 놀린답니당.
    마스크도 아주 도움이 되공..ㅎㅎ

  2. hahaha nah kan bukan g doang yang bilang soal giginya :p
    ah itung2 sekalian diet ta wakakaka….*padahal disini g jg makan terus :p *

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