The Lowest?


Wondering…will it be the lowest for this year? *hopefully*

As it seen, this morning’s temperature was -12C and it was freezing~~

BUT…of course I’ve prepared for this ^_^.

Today’s stuffs are hat (for head and ear), shawl (for neck and mouth + nose), shirt+sweater+jacket, double gloves, long leg pants+jeans and boots. And it was fine ^_^ *except the face*. The good point of this weather is I got a natural refrigerator~ Cos I brought coffee from dorm to lab, then it turned to be cold in lab just like take it out from the refrigerator.. xixixi.. And another thing that I like from winter is….. the breath fog ^_^ *dunno why~* may be cos it’s the thing that I rarely seen before~

Unfortunately I have to go out at nite today n tomorrow *brrrrrr*
*yippi tomorrow is the performance day~*

Have a brrrright weekend~
*ouch the giants are getting more n more n it came faster than predicted : (*


4 thoughts on “The Lowest?

  1. soalnya di indonesia tempat yang bisa bikin kita breath fog itu di sarangan daerah jawa situ, klo ada tempat lain g kurang tau yah 🙂 tapi itu pertama kali na g ngalamin breath fog hahaha 🙂 padahal enggak dingin2 banget tuh tempat 🙂

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