What a bless~

Thnx God, finally the concert was done well ^___^

It was last Saturday, Dec 19 2009 the Inaugural concert of Camarata Music Company (CMC) was done in ChungDong 1st Methodist Church with orchestra ^___^

Yup, it’s the concert that I’ve been waiting for a year (read : Messiah in English) and amazingly this year I’m not in the audience seat *gosh still can’t believe that ^_^*. It was a great bless for me to be part of this concert.

Thnx a million to Ryan for managing all of the stuff and led us through the rehearsals, i can’t imagine how to handle these groups of people *salute to him* and to Brendan for the piano and great conducting **
Both of them gave good interpretation of the songs during the rehearsals. (the flying angels and “and strength” from ryan and the “diamond” from brendan are things that I remember the most and made smile while that part was coming ^^)

Also for the choir members, though I don’t really know all of them…
Wish we could meet again (somewhere sometime ^_^)

The orchestra was great. When I heard the first time I heard the pipe organ in last rehearsal….Hoooo it was cool~~ it’s been a while not hear that sounds. Then the strings came in followed with the brass *beautiful* and it’s not complete without timpani ^_^.
Gosh it’s been so long to be surrounded by the orchestra *thnx G*

The soloists were awesome~~ I did enjoy their great voices while they were singing.

And when Hallelujah chorus came *goosebumps~~*

Finally after several saturday rehearsal (sorry i skipped some : ( -bad me-), I still can’t believe that we just did it and so many people came for the concert, especially in that freezing winter night.
Hope the concert could give some fresh air for the people who came and could be a bless for others~~

Also thnx to my family n friends for their support~
Some friends texted, some friends came~~ then we had nyummy dinner after the performance.
Also got a very unique gift kkkkk. Anybody every got a meat (yes MEAT that ready to be cooked) instead of flower or cake after the performance?? (xixixixi thnx pal~). Thnx for the cake too~

Thnx God for this wonderful moment.
Thnx for the opportunity.

Have a great xmas week~

PS :

Just found this youtube link for the hallelujah chorus. (credit to : HikaruClaire2 )


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