Loo~ove u too~

That’s the most wonderful message that I got today ^_^ . That kind of message will change your day, isn’t it? Especially if it’s from mom….

Today I chatted with mom and I greeted her Happy mothers day, cos Dec 22 is mothers day in Indonesia. I sent to her
happy mothers day ^____^ *hug icon*. ta love ma n pa also… -too bad there’s no fathers day-

and I got a reply
looooooove u toooooooo

Hua… happy ^__^

Proud of her, proud to have funky mom like her ^^
I learned a lot from her… She is the one that introduces me how beautiful the underwater view is, how interesting to swim in the sea is, how beautiful the nature is, how exciting the “crazy game” (read : slingshot, sky surfer, roller coaster and of course bungee) is…
And how blessed I am to have her as my mom
Ow once more, how cute pooh is (hohohoo i miss to see the pooh stuff at home~~wish she still keep it ^^)

I also proud of her cos she wants to learn to know technology! Cos I know it’s not easy for parents to deal with computer stuff… And guess what, she bought new laptop which is more high-tech than mine *aarggghhh 1-0 ^^

I think i can’t express more how I really proud of her. Her hard work, her spirit, her diligence, her way to raise me till the way I am now…

Happy mothers day to my lovely amazing mom ^_^ *hug hug*
May God lead and bless you more and more

Note :
Dear dad, don’t forget that I love you too~~~~


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