Will it be white xmas?

Nowadays it’s getting warmer (though still < 1 digit) in here. Yeah i think during winter the standard for warm could be change. Like today~~finally i can go out without doubling for my jeans… *yippi*

But as it shown above, the warm will be gone for 1 or 2 days during xmas and it is predicted that mr.snow will come… I wish i could trust the weather forecast…at least just for tomorrow…

Since i won’t be home for xmas, nor in another home (like last year) or probably i might be in lab (oh no~~~ no no..i’ll try not to come, come on…it’s xmas ^^)  so a bit hmm hmm
Though i can’t be home for xmas this year, but my heart is always home~
But if, just if, the snow comes..then it will great ^_^

But I know, xmas is not about snow. Xmas is about to remember how God loves me, to feel the love and share the love.
Though I always happy when it’s snowing, but I just learned not to put my happiness in snow also. Though it’s predicted to be snow, but if it’s not snowing tmrw, it doesn’t mean it will ruin my day, especially xmas. Thnx G for a quick thought that just popped up in my head.

If it’s gonna be white xmas, then it’s good…
but if it’s wont, then it’s ok too…cos the center of xmas is not the snow ^_^

So Merry Xmas to you all…
May the warmth of xmas fill in your heart (no matter how cold the weather outside ^^)
God Bless~~


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