*side effect posting while coding*

Nope that’s not a typo (T = -1)
#define T is (lowest) temperature
if x -= 1 equal to x = x – 1
then T -= 1 is T = T – 1
*somehow it made me headache kkkk*

if prevT = -12, then now T equals to….. -13

Source : Naver weather forecast

And get ready for static electric, since the humidity is gonna be low on the day after tomorrow. It’s gonna be freezing end of year. Still have no plan for 31st, probably lab, cos i haven’t finished my stuff : ( but it’s ok, since outside is gonna be freezing~

Last Sunday was snowing a lot ^^ and as always snow made the view more beautiful ^_^ *snow lovers*

pictures from Seoul Dream Forest album

and last but not least  ^__^

That’s what happen when I forgot to bring umbrella and have to wait for the bus that never came~~
The good side is…I could enjoy the snow more ^__^

*time to go back and hide under the blanket~~*


8 thoughts on “T-=1

    • brr abiss…waduh…jauuuh dari adem si ci hihi
      tapi kalo siap dengan baju anget mah jadi adem ^_^
      tiap liat salju langsung hepi deee…. *salju lovers hihi*
      ayo ayoooo ke sini pas winter

    • wah.. normal si mimisan hahaha *pas awal2 winter tuuu hix*
      lalu sekarang kulit kaki belah belah *hahah serem amat si bahasa daku*
      dingin dan keriiiing booo… tapi kalo saljuan mah tetep aja keluar bentar maen hihi
      hatchi2 nya urusan belakangan kkk

  1. Hi~ I’m Jung min!
    Wow~ The weather!
    I like winter but i also think it’s a little too cold for me too^_^
    Your blog is looking really great with so much information!
    I will try to visit your blog more often!!!
    Keep blogging! ^_^

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